...and more than 15 other organizations use Medicai daily to manage their workflow and patients.

How we help medical organizations
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Multidisciplinary Network
3 days ago

Create your patient archive in the cloud

Store all your patient related files like CTs, PET-CTs, RMNs (or any other DICOM files), as well as other medical documents, like PDFs, Word documents, or screenshots, in our Medicai account.

Your doctors will be able to access this archive anytime and anywhere and they will be able to collaborate on any patient case.

An image of the DICOM viewerAn image of the DICOM viewer

Example of how imaging investigations look like inside Medicai.

View imaging investigations online, anytime, anywhere

Your doctors can view imaging investigations (CTs, RMNs, PET-CTs or any other DICOM files) straight into Medicai, in the web browser, without the need for any additional software. It even works on mobile and tablet.



Multidisciplinary teams on common grounds

We allow and encourage multidisciplinary teams to seamlessly collaborate on complex medical situations. Doctors can create group chats around a case, upload files, and even use our dedicated video call feature, supporting up to 50 participants—no need for time-consuming external communication or transfer tools. Everything happens in one place, and is always secure and up-to-date.

Dragos Tudorache

“As a clinic manager, I am constantly seeking to improve the patient’s experience throughout their therapy, from diagnosis to treatment. Medicai cuts time and costs and makes the process more efficient through easy-to-use and understandable platform and tools developed and adapted to the needs of both doctors and patients.”

Dragos Tudorache
CEO, Neuroaxis

...and more than 20 other organizations use Medicai daily to manage their workflow and patients.

We back you up for success

Our team is here to help onboard your team, provide technical consulting and PACS integration support to help you start using Medicai.

Dedicated Account Manager

We're here for the long run. As soon as your organization is up and running on Medicai, we provide continuous support to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Some habits may be hard to break. We’ll help you and your team quickly get to know the ins and outs of Medicai.


Patients can pay for consultations and services directly through Medicai. Doctors have access to a payment history.

PACS integration

Whether you choose to sync your external PACS to Medicai or integrate on-premise, our team will help you work through technical questions.


All imaging investigations and medical data is stored indefinitely in a cloud server - we're using the latest security technology.

Data anonymization

Especially useful for tumour boards. Any imaging investigation inside Medicai can be anonymized in one click, removing the patient's personal information.

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