Integrated DICOM Viewer Sample

This is a sample of how a DICOM file looks like when viewed in Medicai. Available in both our web and mobile apps, and also easily embedabble in your own solution, our DICOM viewer solution comes connected to a cloud PACS readily available.

What is Medicai's Doctor Imaging Portal?

Medicai Doctor Imaging Portal is a platform designed to provide physicians with instant access to patient medical images and other relevant data. This portal enables physicians to view and analyze medical images, make diagnoses, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals in real-time, regardless of their location. This platform provides physicians with a centralized and secure location to access and manage patient medical images, helping to improve workflow efficiency and patient outcomes. Additionally, our Doctor Imaging Portal can facilitate collaboration among healthcare professionals, including radiologists, oncologists, and surgeons, leading to more comprehensive and coordinated patient care.

Improved Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

By providing physicians with easy access to patient medical images and data, Medicai Doctor Imaging Portal enables faster and more accurate diagnoses, leading to more effective treatment planning and better patient outcomes.

Increased Accessibility

A doctor's imaging portal provides physicians with easy and secure access to patient medical images from anywhere, at any time. This can be particularly beneficial for physicians who work in multiple locations or need to consult with specialists who are located in other parts of the world.

Enhanced Collaboration

Medicai Doctor Imaging Portal facilitates collaboration among healthcare professionals, allowing physicians to easily share medical images and data with radiologists, oncologists, and other specialists. This can lead to more comprehensive and coordinated patient care, particularly for complex cases.

Streamlined Workflow

Medicai Doctor Imaging Portal can help streamline workflows by providing physicians with a centralized location to access and manage patient medical images, reducing the time and effort required to locate and analyze images. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity in medical practices.

How does Medicai Doctor Imaging Portal work?

Our Doctor Imaging Portal operates as a platform that enables physicians to securely access and manage patient medical images and data. Here is a general overview of how it works:

Data Upload

Medical images are uploaded to the portal by healthcare professionals, such as radiologists or medical imaging technologists. The images are stored in a secure server and can be accessed by physicians who have been granted access to the portal.

Image Viewing and Analysis:

Physicians can view and analyze patient medical images directly within the portal. The images can be viewed in a range of formats, including DICOM, JPEG, and PDF. Physicians can zoom in and out of images, adjust contrast and brightness, and use other tools to help identify anomalies and make diagnoses.


Physicians can use the portal to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as radiologists, oncologists, and surgeons. They can share medical images, data, and notes, allowing for real-time communication and collaboration, even if the specialists are in different locations.

Patient Management

The portal can be used to manage patient medical images and data. Physicians can easily search for and access patient records, including medical images and notes, making it easier to track patient progress and provide comprehensive care.

Security and Privacy

Our Doctor Imaging Portal is designed with security and privacy in mind. Patient data is stored in a secure server, and access is restricted to authorized personnel. The portal also complies with privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, ensuring that patient data is kept confidential and secure.

Why choose Medicai's Doctor Imaging Portal?

Our Doctor Imaging Portal helps healthcare providers improve collaboration, efficiency, diagnosis and treatment planning, data security, and patient engagement. By leveraging advanced imaging technologies and secure data management capabilities, Medicai Doctor Imaging Portal enables providers to deliver higher quality care to their patients.

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