Integrated DICOM Viewer Sample

This is a sample of how a DICOM file looks like when viewed in Medicai. Available in both our web and mobile apps, and also easily embedabble in your own solution, our DICOM viewer solution comes connected to a cloud PACS readily available.

What is Medicai API?

Medicai API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols, tools, and standards that enable seamless communication between our medical imaging software and other systems or applications. It provides a standardized and secure way for different software components to interact and exchange data, allowing developers to integrate advanced imaging capabilities into their own applications. With Medicai's API, medical imaging software can be easily integrated into various healthcare systems, making it more accessible and useful for medical professionals and patients alike.

Easy integration

Our API provides access to medical imaging tools and features, allowing developers to create custom applications and workflows that incorporate medical imaging capabilities.

Streamlined workflows

Our API can be used to automate tasks and streamline workflows, making it easier for healthcare professionals to access and analyze medical images.

Improved patient care

By integrating medical imaging capabilities into their own applications and workflows, healthcare organizations and developers can improve patient care by providing more accurate and timely diagnoses and treatment plans.

Increased innovation

By enabling integration with other healthcare systems and applications, Medicai API can foster innovation and encourage the development of new technologies and solutions that can improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

How does Medicai API work?

Our platform's API provides access to a wide range of medical imaging capabilities, including:

Image storage and retrieval

Our API allows developers to store and retrieve medical images securely on our platform.

Image viewing and analysis

Our API includes tools for viewing and analyzing medical images, allowing developers to create custom image viewing and analysis applications.

Integration with third-party applications

Our API can be integrated with third-party applications, such as electronic health record (EHR) systems, to provide seamless access to medical imaging capabilities.

Custom workflows

Our API allows developers to create custom workflows that incorporate medical imaging capabilities, such as automating the transfer of medical images between healthcare providers.

Why choose Medicai's API?

Our medical imaging platform's API is designed to provide healthcare organizations and developers with a powerful and flexible tool for integrating medical imaging capabilities into their own applications and workflows. With a wide range of capabilities and tools available through our API, developers can create custom solutions that meet the unique needs of their organization or application.

We offer comprehensive documentation and support for our API, making it easy for developers to get started and integrate medical imaging capabilities into their applications. Our platform is also designed with security in mind, ensuring that all medical images and data are protected and accessed only by authorized users.

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