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Medicai’s comprehensive solutions for orthopedic imaging

Healthcare providers use the Medicai Orthopedic PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) as a specialized software system to manage and store digital orthopedic images, including X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, DEXA scans. The system allows medical professionals to view, share, and analyze these images from a centralized location, improving workflow efficiency and the accuracy of diagnoses.

With an orthopedic PACS system, orthopedic clinics save time and improve workflow.

Key features

Medicai tailors its orthopedic solutions to meet the specific needs of orthopedic surgeons and doctors. These include:

Orthopedic PACS: Designed to meet the specific needs of orthopedic imaging, this specialized PACS system facilitates efficient data handling.

Imaging Exchange: Streamlines the sharing of critical imaging data among healthcare providers, enhancing collaborative patient care.

Medical Imaging Uploader: Patients can upload their previous medical imaging studies online through our easy-to-use and secure uploader.

Orthopedics Patient Portal: Engages patients directly in their care processes by providing easy access to their medical images and reports.

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Real-Time Access to Patients' Medical Records: By allowing orthopedic surgeons and healthcare providers to quickly access and share imaging data, Medicai fosters a collaborative approach that is essential for comprehensive, fast orthopedic care.

Efficient Medical Imaging Workflows: Medicai’s cloud PACS solutions facilitate a streamlined workflow, crucial for the fast-paced environment of orthopedic care.

Scalable and Secure Infrastructure: Our cloud PACS provides a robust, secure infrastructure that ensures the protection and integrity of sensitive patient data, adhering to compliance standards and best practices in patient data security.

Flexible automation with our API: Automatically retrieve imaging data from multiple locations (multi-enterprise). Build bespoke digital experiences for your team on top of our imaging API and embeddable DICOM components.

Integrating DEXA scans: Our solution incorporates DEXA scans (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry), providing a pivotal advantage for orthopedic care. This capability ensures a thorough assessment and management of bone health, facilitating better patient outcomes through efficient access, analysis and longitudinal monitoring.

How Medicai’s Cloud PACS empowers orthopedists and orthopaedic surgeons

Medicai’s cloud PACS platform is user-friendly and equipped with advanced automation tools that simplify the daily tasks of orthopedists. With seamless integration capabilities, orthopedic doctors can easily access, review, and share orthopedic imaging data, thus facilitating better patient outcomes and efficient practice management.

Connect & Retrieve

Our multi-enterprise solution enables modern orthopedy practices to automatically retrieve imaging from their own PACS and modalities, connect to partners, and allow their patients to easily upload their previous imaging studies.

Store & Manage

Medicai's interoperable imaging infrastructure scales reliably with your practice's needs. We securely and compliantly store all the studies, along with complementary files such as reports, images, and videos, adhering to HIPAA and GDPR regulations.

Thanks to our robust API and our granular access control level, the data is readily available. This makes it easy to implement advanced orthopedic imaging workflows.

Access & Visualize

Team members can access, view, and collaborate easily with our ready-made web portal for doctors and mobile apps for doctors.

They can also share their cases with specialists outside the organization in a secure and compliant manner.

The Patient Portal allows your clinic to share imaging data with your patients.

Tech-savvy orthopedic practices leverage our APIs and our DICOM components to embed DICOM capabilities into their existing web portals and apps.

Integrated DICOM Viewer Sample

This is a sample of how a DICOM file looks like when viewed in Medicai. Available in both our web and mobile apps, and also easily embedabble in your own solution, our DICOM viewer solution comes connected to a cloud PACS readily available.

"Medicai is an ideal solution for digitizing the imaging visualization part of our current practice. The platform was perfect for facilitating remote consultations. I can easily collaborate with physicians for various patient cases. I have the opportunity to review patient data before they arrive for re-evaluation. This helped me prepare solutions and facilitated face-to-face discussions."

Dan Valentin Anghelescu

Orthopaedics-Traumatology Doctor, Specialist in Sports Medicine, Doctor of Medical Sciences @ MedSport Clinic

Why choose Medicai as your Orthopaedic PACS system?

Opting for Medicai’s cloud PACS solutions means choosing a system that is tailored to enhance orthopedic imaging processes. Medicai empowers orthopedists to streamline their workflows, improve collaboration with other medical professionals, and deliver superior patient care, all underscored by efficiency, flexibility, and seamless integration.

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FAQs on the PACS in orthopedic imaging

How PACS works?

PACS improves diagnostic capabilities and patient care by capturing imaging data from various modalities, such as X-rays and MRIs, storing it digitally, and making it available on a network for authorized medical personnel to access and review.

What are the different types of PACS systems?

Types of PACS systems include orthopedic PACS, dental PACS, cardiology PACS, and oncology PACS, each designed to cater to the specific imaging needs of different medical specialties.

What does orthopaedic PACS mean in medical terms?

PACS stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System, a medical imaging technology that provides economical storage and convenient access to images from multiple modalities. Orthopaedic PACS is a type of PACS used in an orthopedic clinic by orthopaedic surgeons and radiologists.

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