We are enabling healthcare providers to seamlessly and securely manage and exchange imaging data

The future belongs to healthcare providers that can communicate inside and outside their systems with other organisations, and exchange imaging data for improved patient outcomes, in a fast and compliant way. We help leaders reduce the complexity of their healthcare IT, gain flexibility, ease of use and scalability - thanks to our interoperable solutions.

Doctor radiologist performs brain scan medical imaging

For radiology centers

Medicai allows imaging centers to automatically send imaging data to referring doctors in a secure and compliant way. Through Medicai, radiology centers can visualize imaging, regardless of its type (RX, CT, MRI, CBCT, angiography, etc.), with the web-based DICOM viewer, store and archive it in a cost efficient way.

Medicai provides a next generation cloud backbone that allows radiology centers to open up and integrate their services with other healthcare providers for a better overarching patient experience. With our approach, imaging centers can create new connections and provide more value to the community.

Access medical imaging data remotely

Increase revenue with innovation

Improve referrer relations

Create a patient archive

Doctor performing a brain scan CT MRI medical imaging
Radiologists looking at a MRI CT scan, diagnostic team

For hospitals and specialised practices

Through Medicai, imaging data can be accessed anytime by the medical team using any web browser. Doctors can easily collaborate with team members around patient data, through chat and video calling. They can also create online multidisciplinary commissions, directly in the browser, in a fast and compliant way.

Shorten turnaround time

Get fast access to imaging studies

Optimize medical flows

Enable telemedicine

For virtual clinics

Medicai makes it easy for digital health application innovators to integrate cloud based medical imaging infrastructure that allows them to increase their revenue and patient loyalty, in a secure and compliant way.

Engage and retain patients

Enable medical collaboration

Drive sales with innovation

Allow data exchange

Radiologist provides telemedicine services online using Medicai

1,6 mil+

imaging studies uploaded



hospitals and independent practices



active doctors on the platform
Khaled Dumitriu Enterprise Azure Specialist Data and Artificial Intelligence Microsoft provides testimonial about Medicai

Medicai offers incredible innovation for healthcare providers working with imaging. We are happy to partner with companies like Medicai to push cloud adoption further.

Khaled Dumitriu

Enterprise Azure Specialist - Data & Artificial Intelligence @ Microsoft



We are creating imaging data flows across systems, which are seamless and secure, and put the patient at the center

Imaging data must be available where and when it is needed, and in a useful format. We facilitate viewing, storing and sharing imaging data, from anywhere, in order to improve patient outcomes, create collaborations across the industry, streamline operations and reduce costs.

Flexible and scalable medical imaging infrastructure

Medicai orchestrates a decentralized medical imaging infrastructure connected by separate nodes. The cloud layer keeps a global record of all the data and users that have access to it. At the same time, it enables traffic between the nodes, so you always know where the data is and how to reach it.

Easy to use, secure (HIPAA, GDPR) web and mobile applications for collaborative clinical workflows

Using the Medicai interface, all the members of the care team together with the patient will be able to participate throughout the course of care delivery- it doesn't matter from which location data and devices are accessed.

Custom software modules for open and compliant digital health apps

Open up new growth opportunities for your healthcare business and quickly unlock new revenue streams by taking advantage of the multiple modules, white label solutions for web and mobile apps, and easy integrations.

Dragos Tudorache

“As a clinic manager, I am constantly seeking to improve the patient’s experience throughout their therapy, from diagnosis to treatment. Medicai cuts time and costs and makes the process more efficient through easy-to-use and understandable platform and tools developed and adapted to the needs of both doctors and patients.”

Dragos Tudorache

CEO @ Neuroaxis


We’re building the next generation medical imaging workflows


Flexibile and interoperable

Easily integrate with healthcare provider systems and PACS from different vendors. Exchange data freely to improve evaluation, clinical decision time and eliminate patient experience subpar.


Trusted and secure

Medicai has received numerous certificates for achieving the highest security standards, including HIPAA compliance. This validation ensures multiple safeguards to protect sensitive personal and health information.



You can now access data from anywhere: Medicai imaging infrastructure allows for granular access to studies, no matter the location, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Patient first

Medicai allows doctors or teams of doctors to evaluate patients remotely, facilitates cross-border collaboration and multidisciplinary tumor boards in a fast, secure, compliant way.

Learn more about how Medicai can help you strengthen your practice and improve your patients' experience.

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