Our Solution

Our imaging solutions provide fast access to medical imaging data. Interoperability, security, and scalability are the pillars of our medical imaging infrastructure.

Connect & Retrieve

Our multi-enterprise solution allows our clients to connect all their locations and their imaging partner locations. Our DICOM Node integrates with on-prem PACS and modalities, automatically retrieving imaging data. Additionally, our Medical Imaging Uploader enables patients to send their previous imaging studies directly into our imaging infrastructure.

Store & Manage

Medicai offers an interoperable infrastructure for storing and managing imaging data, ensuring scalability, speed, and security. With granular Access Control Lists (ACLs), providers can manage data compliantly and securely, accommodating large volumes of imaging data with maximum safety.

Access & Visualize

Medicai offers unparalleled flexibility for viewing and collaborating on imaging data. Providers can effortlessly utilize Medicai's apps, build custom applications using our DICOM viewer components, or seamlessly integrate with various systems such as EHRs, EMRs, and digital health apps.




Imaging Infrastructure as a Service (IIAAS)





Ready-made and ready to use





Leveraging our API & DICOM components


For healthcare providers with limited technical capabilities

Leverage our plug-and-play infrastructure: connect & retrieve patient imaging studies from your system, your partners' systems, or your patients. Access, visualize, and share medical imaging studies wherever you are. Collaborate with ease.


Medical Imaging IaaS

Easily integrate with healthcare provider systems and PACS from different vendors. Exchange data freely to improve patient evaluation, clinical decision time and eliminate patient experience subpar.


Multi-Source / Federated

Connect and retrieve imaging data from your system or your imaging partner's system. Our DICOM Node technology takes just a few minutes to install and the data is available automatically.


Secure and Compliant

Our solution is HIPAA and GDPR-compliant out of the box. We follow all OWASP security guidelines.


Doctor Portal

Doctors can access and analyze medical images and health information quickly and efficiently, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and better patient care. Imaging studies are viewed directly in the portal, thanks to our integrated zero-footprint web DICOM Viewer.


Doctor Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

Doctors can access their medical images seamlessly from anywhere, anytime with our mobile app.
With an integrated mobile DICOM Viewer, our apps empower doctors to view, analyze, and collaborate on patient scans on the go, ensuring timely and informed decision-making.


Patient Portal

Our patient portal provides a secure and convenient way for patients to receive their medical images and reports online, from the comfort of their own homes.

For healthcare service providers with technical capabilities

"At Medicai, we aim to modernize and augment existing systems, making them relevant to today's needs. With our medical imaging solutions, we help providers embrace digital workflows that boost their efficiency and elevate patient care."

Alexandru Artimon CTO Medicai Limitless Medical Imaging Cloud PACS for Radiology

Alexandru Artimon

CTO @ Medicai


Medical Imaging IaaS

SaaS/IaaS business model that scales with your needs.  Our multi-enterprise medical imaging infrastructure is scalable and fast. We provide the highest security standard and secure imaging data management, with access at a per-study level.


Restful API

Integrate medical imaging seamlessly with our secure API. Effortlessly integrate with your EHR, EMR, digital health app, and other systems.


Medicai DICOM Node

Instantly access medical imaging data from local PACS or modalities— whether it's your system or your partner's. With Medicai Node, installation takes minutes, and data is ready at your fingertips.


Modern Imaging Workflows

Streamline your operations and automate workflows. Make your imaging accessible from anywhere, viewable either from web or mobile.


DICOM Viewer

Our embeddable DICOM Viewer works on the web, and in mobile apps (iOS and Android). You can also deploy different commercial DICOM Viewers with Medicai (FlexView, MedDream, and other providers of HTML5 Viewers).


Secure and compliant

Our solution is HIPAA and GDPR-compliant out of the box. We follow all OWASP security guidelines.

The Numbers


studies transacted or processed per year


studies in storage


vizualizations of DICOM studies in the last year


yearly API transactions

...and counting

Khaled Dumitriu Enterprise Azure Specialist Data and Artificial Intelligence Microsoft provides testimonial about Medicai

Medicai offers incredible innovation for healthcare providers working with imaging. We are happy to partner with companies like Medicai to push cloud adoption further.

Khaled Dumitriu

Enterprise Azure Specialist - Data & Artificial Intelligence @ Microsoft


Your Benefits


Automatic retrieval of medical imaging

Easily integrate with healthcare provider systems and PACS from different vendors. Exchange data freely to improve patient evaluation, clinical decision time and eliminate patient experience subpar.


Scalable Imaging Storage & Management

Medicai has received numerous certificates for achieving security standards, including HIPAA compliance, the most important validation that ensures multiple safeguards to protect sensitive personal and health information.


Quick Access

You can now access data from anywhere: Medicai imaging infrastructure allows for granular access to studies, no matter the location, 24/7, 365 days a year.


View imaging anywhere

View your imaging data through our Medicai Doctor Portal or Medicai Doctor App. Share your imaging with your patients through our Patient Portal. Embed our DICOM Viewers in your own portals or apps.


Great pricing

The pricing scales with your needs. We are a SaaS provider, we charge a fee that scales with the number of imaging studies we store & manage for you.

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No prior DICOM knowledge

We take care of the DICOM complexities for you. We retrieve, store, & manage your imaging data, so that you can focus on providing an exceptional service for your patients.



With the Medicai API, you can make your existing software systems (EHR, EMR) work together with Medicai.


Fast development time

Integrate medical imaging and DICOM capabilities in your existing software solutions. Build new imaging workflows fast. Use Medicai APIs and our embeddable software components (DICOM viewer for web and mobile) to provide secure access to imaging in your existing software products.



Connect and retrieve imaging data from all your locations, as well as your imaging partner systems. Our Medicai Node technology takes minutes to install and the data is available automatically.

Dragos Tudorache

“As a clinic manager, I am constantly seeking to improve the patient’s experience throughout their therapy, from diagnosis to treatment. Medicai cuts time and costs and makes the process more efficient through easy-to-use and understandable platform and tools developed and adapted to the needs of both doctors and patients.”

Dragos Tudorache

CEO @ Neuroaxis

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