Digitizing a clinic specialized in women's health

Learn how the experts at DONNA MEDICAL CENTER have achieved improvements in their day-to-day workflows: the ability to access imaging studies from anywhere, reduced human error, more time spent with each patient, and the creation of a digital workflow with the collaborating organization.

52% time reduction - by creating an electronic file - compared to the original version (physical & mail)

Number of investigations: 56.831 

85% reduction in the time to search for a patient investigation in the archive, create file and assign a doctor/ medical team to it

"As a radiologist specializing in breast imaging and founder of the Breast Pathology Specialty Center, I am constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve our practice and our patients' experience. Medicai's seamless integration with our existing systems has streamlined our operations. Accessing patient images from anywhere and collaborating with colleagues working in other clinics/institutions has become simpler, saving us valuable time and ensuring smooth communication within the medical team. Furthermore, patient access to imaging allows patients to actively participate in their own care and ultimately contributes to better outcomes.

ELENA-CLAUDIA TEODORESCU, MD, Founder DONNA MEDICAL CENTER, Primary Radiology and Medical Imaging Physician, Doctor of Medical Sciences

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The first public hospital that implemented Medicai

Find out how our solution helped more than 50 doctors at Sfânta Maria Public Hospital to reduce the time for a patient to be diagnosed by 19%.

21,600+ investigations uploaded

1,600+ cases created

50+ doctors on the platform

"Since we started using Medicai in the hospital, we finally felt that we are aligned with the medical standards of France and Germany, where I worked as a surgeon. It gives me flexibility in my schedule, the possibility to work from anywhere and anytime, and I have easy access to all the imaging."

Conf. Univ. Prof. Dr. Dragos Predescu — General Surgeon

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Reducing diagnosis time for patients with rare diseases, with Medicai

Learn how Boehringer Ingelheim and pulmonology experts from 4 major centers of excellence were able to reduce the time it took for a patient to be diagnosed with IPF by 65% in just a year, with Medicai.

65% faster diagnosis times for IPF Patients

2x number of patients diagnosed with IPF

40 diagnostic boards organized online, with Medicai, in 2021

“We used to meet regularly, every 2-3 weeks, together with other colleagues that deal with cases of diffuse interstitial pneumonia, in the amphitheater. At these meetings, we would present the patient cases and discuss them. Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel these meetings. Medicai offered us the alternative to hold these meetings online. Within the platform, we also have access to medical imaging investigations. Recently, Medicai added the option to sign documents online. So, for each case, a joint decision is taken in the multidisciplinary commission. This decision is included in a diagnosis document that is signed electronically by all participants."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irina Strâmbu — Primary Care Pulmonologist, Expert Pulmonologist with IPF/ILDs

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Efficient digitalization in health with Medicai

Learn how Medsport Clinic increased the number of remote consultations by 80%, increased customer confidence in MedSport clinic due to the use of modern and customized systems, and increased the number of consultations with patients from distant areas of the country by more than 60%

Increased the number of remote consultations by 80%

Increased the number of consultations with patients from distant areas of the country by more than 60%

Increased customer confidence in MedSport clinic due to the use of modern and customized systems

"Medicai is an ideal solution for digitizing the imaging visualization part of our current practice. The platform was perfect for facilitating remote consultations. I can easily collaborate with physicians for various patient cases. I have the opportunity to review patient data before they arrive for reevaluation. This helped me to prepare solutions and facilitate face-to-face discussion.”

Dan Valentin Anghelescu — Orthopedics, Traumatology

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How to digitize a highly specialized neurology clinic

Learn how Neuroaxis experts saw double-digit improvements in their day-to-day workflows like patient triage, patient response rate, and patient care.

Reduced the number of nonrelevant cases by 90%

Reduced the number of face to face check-ups by 70%

1300+ cases precisely diagnosed, multi-disciplinary, multiple locations

“As a clinic manager, I am constantly seeking to improve the patient’s experience throughout their therapy, from diagnosis to treatment. Medicai cuts time and costs and makes the process more efficient through easy-to-use and understandable platform and tools developed and adapted to the needs of both doctors and patients.”

Dragos Tudorache — CEO @ Neuroaxis

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Efficient digital pathways for dental imaging centers

Find out how YTS-Dental View has managed to streamline triage and receiving data processes, facilitate collaboration between doctors and expand with the help of Medicai.

Reduced the time by up to 99.9% to access the patient's studies from a previous examination

150.000 imaging studies

10 integrated centers of radiology

“I worked as a doctor for a long time and I was looking for a solution to create my own medical archive and to be able to access it from anywhere. As a business owner since we found Medicai it has been the best decision we could have made. With the help of their team, we were able to scale our business and offer our doctor network a product that they can use to create their own medical archive for themselves and their patients.”

Laur Alexandru Iacob — CMO @ YTS-Dental View

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