Specialty Care

Medicai understands the unique challenges faced by specialty care providers and offers tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.


From diagnosing complex neurological conditions to monitoring treatment progress, neurologists rely on accurate and timely access to medical imaging data. Medicai provides neurologists with tools for seamless integration with neuroimaging modalities such as MRIs and CT scans, image visualization, image retrieval from radiology partners, and collaboration within multidisciplinary teams. These capabilities ensure efficient management and analysis of crucial health data, enhancing the delivery of care and optimizing patient outcomes in the realm of imaging services.

Neuroimaging of a Brain MRI
Dragos Tudorache

As a clinic manager, I constantly seek to improve the patient’s experience throughout their therapy, from diagnosis to treatment. Medicai cuts time and costs and makes the process more efficient through an easy-to-use platform and tools developed and adapted to the needs of both doctors and patients.

Dragos Tudorache

CEO @ Neuroaxis


90% less time

spent with non-relevant cases

70% less

face-to-face check-ups required

1,300+ cases

precisely diagnosed, in multiple locations, with multidisciplinary teams

Orthopedics center


Orthopedic specialists require precise imaging to evaluate musculoskeletal injuries, joint disorders, and orthopedic surgeries. Medicai streamlines orthopedic workflows by providing intuitive tools for viewing imaging data, measuring anatomical parameters, and facilitating pre-operative planning. Medicai's automated image retrieval capabilities enhance efficiency, improving the patient experience and aligning with the principles of value-based care in orthopedics. This enables orthopedists to make informed treatment decisions for diagnostic imaging services.


Oncologists rely on medical imaging for cancer detection, staging, and treatment monitoring. Medicai supports oncology practices by offering advanced image analysis tools, including tumor segmentation and response assessment. By enabling seamless collaboration between radiologists, oncologists, and other specialists in multidisciplinary tumor boards, Medicai empowers oncology teams to deliver personalized cancer care with precision and efficiency, ensuring that imaging procedures work seamlessly within the overall treatment framework.

Oncology patient and a nurse

...and more

In addition to the above specialties, Medicai serves a wide range of specialty care providers, including dentristry, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, ob-gyn, pulmonology, and beyond. Whether diagnosing gastrointestinal disorders, or respiratory diseases, our platform empowers specialty care teams to access, analyze, and share medical imaging data confidently and efficiently.

Laur Alexandru Iacob Clinic Manager at YTS Dental View Medical Imaging Center

I worked as a doctor for a long time and I was looking for a solution to create my own medical archive and to be able to access it from anywhere. As a business owner since we found Medicai it has been the best decision we could have made. With the help of their team, we were able to scale our business and offer our doctor network a product that they can use to create their own medical archive for themselves and their patients.

Laur Alexandru Iacob

Clinical Manager @ YTS-Dental View

How Medicai HELPS YTS-Dental View

90% less time

spent to access a patient’s studies from a previous examination

10 locations integrated

of YTS-Dental View clinic across Romania

Imaging Centers

Seamlessly integrate your radiology center with flexible and secure medical imaging infrastructure. Medicai's infrastructure allows you to easily manage your imaging data and provides you with automations like instant viewing and transmitting online investigations to external doctors, institutions, or patients.

With our intuitive viewing platform, radiologists can interpret medical imaging studies with precision and speed, ensuring accurate diagnoses and timely treatment decisions. Our cloud PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) enables seamless retrieval, storage, and sharing of medical images, eliminating the constraints of physical storage and facilitating remote access from any location.

Additionally, our imaging exchange capabilities empower radiology practices to securely exchange medical imaging data with referring physicians and specialists, facilitating seamless collaboration and ensuring continuity of care.

By streamlining the referral workflow, Medicai automates and accelerates the process of referring patients for imaging studies, reducing administrative burden and improving communication between healthcare providers. With Medicai, radiology practices can elevate their capabilities, improve workflow efficiency, and deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

MRI machine and technician
Virtual care and telemedicine

Virtual Care

By providing seamless connectivity with radiology partners and easy integration within a virtual clinic interface, Medicai empowers virtual care providers globally to access the entire medical history of a patient and enhances remote diagnostic accuracy.

With seamless integration with telehealth platforms and EHR systems, Medicai streamlines workflows and ensures interoperability, empowering virtual care providers to expand access to healthcare services and improve patient outcomes in today's digital healthcare landscape.

Our tools are modular, secure, and compliant, which allows you to differentiate your organization by designing an integrated patient experience.

Online Evaluation

Medicai allows virtual clinics to effortlessly connect to partner systems (imaging centers) and retrieve imaging automatically through Medicai API. We also offer patients the simplicity of sending their medical records with previous imaging studies through Medicai Uploader, increasing the ease of medical image analysis and diagnosis for healthcare professionals.

Instant Visualisation

Virtual clinic providers can easily embed Medicai’s DICOM viewer into their own applications and software, enabling instant access and visualization of magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography scans and other types of imaging investigations, and enabling remote diagnostic services.

Clinical Collaboration

Collaboration is facilitated by real-time communication capabilities, audio/video calling, automated reporting using AI, and online document signing. Medicai facilitates collaboration between virtual care providers and specialty care teams, enabling secure sharing of medical imaging data and facilitating multidisciplinary care coordination.

Remote Monitoring of Disease

For patients with chronic health conditions, our platform enables remote monitoring of disease progression and personalized care management, integrating with wearable devices and remote monitoring technologies. 

Patient Empowerment

Imaging, reports, and interpretations of medical imaging procedures are sent to the patient via the Patient Portal.


We used to meet regularly, every 2-3 weeks, together with other colleagues that deal with cases of diffuse interstitial pneumonia, in the amphitheater. At these meetings, we would present the patient cases and discuss them. Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel these meetings.

Medicai offered us the alternative to hold these meetings online. Within the platform, we also have access to medical imaging investigations. Recently, Medicai added the option to sign documents online. So, for each case, a joint decision is taken in the multidisciplinary commission. This decision is included in a diagnosis document that is signed electronically by all participants.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irina Strâmbu

Primary Care Pulmonologist, Expert Pulmonologist with IPF/ILDs



faster diagnosis times for IPF Patients


more patients diagnosed with IPF


diagnostic boards organized online, with Medicai, in 2021

Health Information Exchange Networks

Medicai facilitates seamless retrieval of medical imaging data between providers within health information networks, ensuring efficient access to vital medical data. Through our platform, healthcare professionals can easily exchange imaging data, enhancing collaboration and improving patient care within the broader ecosystem of health information networks.

This interoperability empowers providers to make informed decisions and deliver value-based care by ensuring they have the right data at the right time. Medical visualization tools further enhance their ability to analyze and communicate complex imaging data, while insights from this data facilitate personalized treatment plans and improved patient outcomes for participants in the network.

Hospital setting with doctors
Doctor and patient discussing

Value-Based Care and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Medicai supports value-based care models by providing comprehensive imaging solutions that promote better clinical coordination, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced patient outcomes within value-based care organizations and accountable care organizations.
By facilitating efficient imaging procedures and data management, Medicai enables healthcare providers to transition from traditional fee-for-service models to value-based care, aligning incentives with patient outcomes and quality of care. Additionally, the platform allows providers to leverage insights derived from imaging data to better coordinate and optimize care cost.

EHR Organizations

Our platform seamlessly integrates with EHR organizations and primary care software, allowing for the seamless incorporation of medical imaging data, including magnetic resonance imaging, tomography, mammography, radiography, ultrasound, and pathology, into patient records.This integration enhances clinical decision-making in the medical field by providing comprehensive data integration, while insights derived from this data contribute to personalized treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.

Doctor at the laptop

Special Projects

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