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Discuss your case with your doctor in your Medicai account

Your Medicai account is all you need to keep track of everything going on with your consultations or second-opinion request. You are instantly notified as soon as your doctor sends you a message, or as soon as they upload a new important document for you to see—and it all happens online, in the cloud.

Request consultations, second-opinion and easily send imaging investigations online

With Medicai you can easily find doctors to send consultations or second-opinion requests. Sending imaging investigations is blazing fast and can be done directly from your patient account or from the doctors' public page.

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Create your secure online medical archive

Upload all your imaging investigations (CTs, PET-CTs, MRIs directly from the CD) or any other medical documents directly to your Medicai account. You will then be able to send these files to any doctor or clinic without the use of additional tools and without the need to upload the files every time you want to send them again.

You will have your own online medical archive, all for free.

More benefits for patients

Online collaboration

Easily share your medical history with multiple doctors or clinics at once. You control what others can see.

Seamless communication

Discuss the case details with one or multiple doctors inside your Medicai account. There's no need for calls, emails or other means of communication.

Real-time notifications

You will receive in-app and email notifications every time there's an update on your case, be it a message or a file added.

Uploaded or sent files do not expire

You don’t need to worry that the files you’ve uploaded or send to a doctor will not be available in the future.

Secure and always up-to-date

Your Medicai account is always secure and up-to-date. There is no need to worry about storage or platform updates. Get the latest platform version on login.

GDPR compliance

Medicai is fully GDPR compliant and our security is top-notch. Your data belongs only to you.


Finding medical help is just a click away

As a patient you can now find doctors and clinics for online consultations or second-opinion in just a few clicks, for free. You can even send imaging investigations and medical documents directly to the doctor, with not other delay.


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Jacques Browne

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