“I highly recommend using Medicai for their professionalism, accuracy and the ability to archive medical documents, including for their comparison by medical specialists.”

Irina Eliza-Penciu

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How does Medicai work?

One-link sharing

Quickly and efficiently share your medical images online and receive multiple opinions from specialists all over the world, without delay, with just one link.Invite physicians to your case online, without sending CD hard copies. They can immediately view and diagnose conditions from Medicai, in a secure and HIPAA & GDPR-compliant way, from anywhere in the world.

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Easy Upload

Create an account on Medicai and you can instantly start uploading any medical image you might have on a CD you received from a provider. Now it's no longer necessary to waste time carrying CDs and paperwork, just select your CD drive to upload and we’ll take it from there. Your Medicai account will give you instant access to your medical images at any time, and from anywhere.

Fast access and secure storage

We make it simple for you to see, share, and store your radiological results and images online with Medicai, through web or mobile, because we believe that access to important healthcare information shouldn't be a hassle. To construct a complete health record, digitize your previous imaging data from CDs. You can rest assured that your images and medical files are securely stored in the cloud.


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Why should you obtain your imaging studies, store and share them through Medicai?

If you have a doctor's visit, you might want to bring copies of your medical records. Obtaining, storing and sharing your own medical imaging data may be helpful for you if you are:

Seeking a second opinion from a doctor

Being referred to a specialist

Receiving therapy for a long-term monitoring condition

Having a radiology exam at a new facility

Keeping a comprehensive personal health record

Looking for a quick access to medical records in the event of a medical emergency to avoid a delay in diagnosis or treatment

Doctor viewing MRI CT with Medicai's zero footprint DICOM Viewer
Radiologist explains patient the results using Medicai application for iPad

Better understand your conditions and take an active role in your own care

Giving your doctor access to your radiological reports and medical photos enables them to:

Compare earlier medical imaging investigations with new images (this is especially important for the radiologist interpreting your radiology exam)

Track changing circumstances and irregularities

Avoid taking the same tests again

Easily organize multidisciplinary boards and collaborate with peers on the case

We’re building the next generation medical imaging workflows for patients

Own your imaging studies

Add imaging from any imaging source, anywhere in the world into your secure Medicai account, and quickly share it with any doctor. Upload, store and share past imaging from CDs and USBs.

Store your imaging

Once uploaded, imaging data is are stored permanently in its original diagnostic quality alongside the rest of your imaging records from the hospital/clinics. Medicai makes it easy for you to have all your records stored in one place, just in case your doctor’s office does not receive all your info. That way, you can easily share your records and ensure they’re up-to-date.

Manage and move your imaging

Don’t worry if you’re moving to a new city or to a new medical facility. Having your personal repository of medical imaging data will grant you access to that data whenever needed.

Share it

Show up prepared for your first appointment with a new specialist, or ask for a second opinion. If you have a complex case, your caregiver can convene at any time a multidisciplinary board around your data stored in Medicai.

Be more in control of your health

Research shows that long-term health results are improved for patients who are more actively involved in their treatment. Understand the evolution of your health by easily going through multiple records on your condition. Maintain your continuity of care across providers and across geographies.

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