What are multidisciplinary boards in Medicai?

Multidisciplinary boards are a key component of Medicai's medical imaging platform, that enable healthcare providers from various disciplines to collaborate and discuss patient cases. These boards typically consist of radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, and other specialists who review medical images and other diagnostic data to determine the best course of treatment for patients. The use of multidisciplinary boards has been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce the time required to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What are the key features of a multidisciplinary board?


Our multidisciplinary board solution facilitates collaboration between healthcare professionals from different disciplines, including radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, and surgeons.

Real-time communication:

The platform provides real-time communication and consultation, enabling healthcare professionals to share information and make decisions quickly.

Secure image sharing:

The platform enables secure image sharing among healthcare professionals, regardless of their location, to enable efficient and timely diagnosis and treatment planning.


The platform integrates with various imaging modalities and other clinical systems, allowing for seamless data exchange and streamlined workflows.

Customizable workflows:

The platform allows for customizable workflows to meet the specific needs of the multidisciplinary team, ensuring that they can work efficiently and effectively together.


Increased efficiency:

With our multidisciplinary board, healthcare professionals streamline the diagnosis and treatment planning process. The board allows for simultaneous consultation and collaboration, which can save time and resources.

Enhanced patient care:

The multidisciplinary board solution allows for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to patient care. This approach can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Increased accuracy:

With multiple specialists involved, a multidisciplinary board solution can provide a more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis. This can help healthcare professionals to develop more effective treatment plans.

Improved communication:

The multidisciplinary board solution facilitates communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals. This can lead to better coordination of care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Integrated DICOM Viewer Sample

This is a sample of how a DICOM file looks like when viewed in Medicai. Available in both our web and mobile apps, and also easily embedabble in your own solution, our DICOM viewer solution comes connected to a cloud PACS readily available.

How does our multidisciplinary board solution work?

Our multidisciplinary board solution is designed to facilitate collaboration and communication among healthcare professionals from different specialties who are involved in the care of a patient. The solution typically includes tools for sharing medical images, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, and allows users to view and analyze images from multiple modalities.

The multidisciplinary board solution includes a secure messaging system that enables users to discuss patient cases and share notes and annotations about the medical images. The solution may also incorporate features like real-time video conferencing, allowing team members to discuss cases in real-time and make decisions quickly.

The board solution integrates with the hospital's electronic health records (EHR) system, providing easy access to patient records and medical histories.

Why choose Medicai's multidisciplinary board solution?

As a leading provider of medical imaging software, we are proud to offer a powerful solution that facilitates collaboration and communication between healthcare providers, enabling them to work together to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Our multidisciplinary commission solution is an essential tool for healthcare providers looking to provide comprehensive, coordinated care to their patients. By leveraging the power of modern technology, we enable healthcare providers to work together more effectively and efficiently, improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of errors or miscommunication.

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