Here is how our DICOM viewer looks

Give it a try, play with it! Using our embeddable DICOM Viewer, you can easily view your DICOM files anywhere online (web, in the mobile application). Your DICOM files are stored in your Medicai workspace, in your cloud PACS.

What is Medicai's DICOM Viewer?

Medicai offers a powerful DICOM Viewer to help medical professionals easily view and analyze medical images from anywhere. Our DICOM viewer provides a user-friendly interface with advanced image processing tools that allow you to adjust brightness and contrast, apply filters, and perform other  image manipulation tasks, and makes it easy for you to work with complex medical images.

With Medicai's DICOM viewer, you can view a wide range of medical images, regardless of image modality, including CT scans, MRI images, and X-rays. With seamless sharing capabilities, clinicians can distribute these images to other healthcare professionals, fostering collaboration and enhancing patient care.


Enable specialized tools and sophisticated visualization‍

Medicai offers a secure and compliant online DICOM viewer that equips every department with advanced visualization and analysis tools, like MPR reconstruction, MIPs, study comparison, and segmentation.  Our viewer works in web and mobile apps (iOS and Android), and you can also deploy different commercial DICOM Viewers with Medicai (like FlexView).

Maximize remote collaboration

Get multidisciplinary professionals together virtually to work on diagnosis and treatment as easily as they were in the same room. Enable diagnostic picture review anywhere, at any time, to engage patients and enhance clinical decision-making. Additionally, Medicai offers affordable cloud PACS, ensuring seamless access to medical images and facilitating collaborative care across healthcare teams.


Our DICOM viewer supports various DICOM image formats, including CT, MRI, and X-ray. It offers various viewing options to make it easy to navigate through medical images, ensuring healthcare professionals can find the right solution for their diagnostic needs. Our viewer has advanced features for working with complex medical images for radiologists, technicians, and other healthcare providers. It fully integrates with our medical imaging platform to create a complete solution.

Lightweight and zero-footprint

Our viewer is incredibly lightweight, meaning it can run on almost any computer or device without any installation or setup required. Open the viewer in your web browser, and you're ready. In addition, Medicai Viewer has a zero footprint, meaning no data is stored on your computer or device. This makes it incredibly secure and ensures your patient's data remains confidential. Furthermore, the viewer allows users to easily export DICOM files for further analysis or sharing, enhancing versatility and interoperability.

"Definitely this application provides us with fast, remote imaging acquisitions. In addition, we can always make comparisons between different cases, we can make databases, we can make collections on different pathologies, we can collect special cases, I mean it's actually a mini real-time library, extremely, extremely useful for neurologists, for neurosurgeons, for surgeons, for oncology, for hematology."

Armand Frăsineanu, MD

Neurologist @ Neuroaxis

How does it work?

Connect & Retrieve

Imaging data is retrieved automatically from the local imaging infrastructure (PACS, modalities), but it can also be uploaded manually by the receptionist, doctors or even by the patient through our Medical Imaging Uploader. Data can be accessed and viewed through Medicai DICOM viewer, from anywhere, and at any time. Our viewer supports DICOM worklists and enables doctors to easily navigate many images, making it an ideal tool for busy medical practices. Doctors can easily view patient history and previous scans, making it easier to track changes over time. Additionally, the platform enables seamless export of DICOM images for further analysis or sharing with other healthcare providers.

Store & Manage

The imaging data is stored on our scalable and secure imaging infrastructure. Our Cloud PACS has built in granular access control levels, enabling precise sharing of data inside the organization, and outside. Thanks to our robust API the imaging data is readily available. This makes the implementation of advanced imaging workflows a breeze.

Our platform enables healthcare facilities to easily incorporate cutting-edge imaging solutions into their workflows without specialized DICOM expertise. Any healthcare organization can easily and securely view imaging data from anywhere by embedding our DICOM viewer in their portals or apps, as simple as pasting a line of code.

neurology imaging

Access & Visualize

Team members can access, view, share and collaborate easily with our ready made web portal for doctors and mobile apps for doctors.

Our optimized zero-footprint DICOM Viewer is available in our Medicai Portal and mobile apps. Doctors can view any medical imaging instantly, in minutes after the imaging investigation has been performed. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, including advanced visualization tools and annotation capabilities, Medicai facilitates efficient communication and collaboration among clinicians, including medical students. This software enables multiple users to simultaneously access and work on the same image, promoting collaborative discussions and enhancing diagnostic accuracy across different use cases.

Whether sharing findings, seeking second opinions, discussing treatment plans, or conducting research, Medicai DICOM Viewer empowers clinicians, including medical students, to collaborate effectively in optimal patient care.

Why choose Medicai's DICOM Viewer?

Healthcare providers choose Medicai's DICOM Viewer because it provides advanced imaging capabilities, secure data management, and customizable features that help improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

By enabling efficient image analysis and advanced imaging capabilities, our DICOM viewer helps healthcare providers diagnose and treat patients more effectively, leading to better patient outcomes. Additionally, integration with PACS streamlines data management and enhances accessibility, further optimizing the diagnostic process.

Our DICOM Viewer is already connected to a powerful imaging infrastructure (Cloud PACS). It scales automatically and respects the highest security & compliance standards. Paired with our collaboration tools like fast sharing capabilities and real-time communication functionalities, it provides the baseline for digital imaging workflows that promote efficiency and real-time access to medical data, thus improving patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the app that opens DICOM images?

The app that opens DICOM images is Medicai DICOM Viewer. It caters to various use cases in medical imaging collaboration, offering seamless access to images stored in various data storage systems, including Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

Medicai is the ideal solution for healthcare providers to easily review and analyze DICOM images thanks to its easy-to-use interface and advanced features like annotation and visualization tools.

Whether for sharing findings, seeking second opinions, or discussing treatment plans, Medicai DICOM Viewer facilitates efficient communication and collaboration, ultimately enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient care.

What is a DICOM viewer?

A DICOM viewer is a specialized software tool designed to view, manipulate, and interpret DICOM images, which are standard medical images used in the healthcare industry. These viewers enable healthcare professionals to access and review various types of medical images, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds, stored in the DICOM format. With a DICOM viewer, users can adjust image settings, apply annotations, measure distances, and compare multiple images.

Additionally, DICOM viewers often integrate with other medical software solutions, allowing seamless access to patient data and efficient collaboration among healthcare teams. Some DICOM viewers are available as standalone desktop applications, while others are web-based, offering the convenience of an online DICOM viewer accessible from any internet-connected device.

Whether through an online DICOM viewer or an integrated cloud PACS system, DICOM viewers play a crucial role in facilitating the interpretation and analysis of medical images for healthcare professionals.

How can I open a DICOM file?

Opening a DICOM file is straightforward, with a free image viewer designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Several options are available, such as Medicai DICOM Viewer, which provides intuitive interfaces and robust functionalities for viewing and analyzing DICOM images. This free image viewer allows users to easily access DICOM files on their desktop computers or laptops, enabling health professionals to interpret medical images efficiently.

With advancements in cloud technologies, there are also online DICOM viewers available that enable users to open DICOM files directly from web browsers. These cloud-based solutions offer the convenience of accessing DICOM images from any device with an internet connection, further enhancing the accessibility and flexibility of medical image viewing for healthcare professionals.

Is there a free DICOM viewer?

Yes, there are several free DICOM viewers available for users to access and visualize medical images stored in DICOM format. These viewers are essential tools for healthcare professionals and patients to review diagnostic images such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Some popular free DICOM viewers include RadiAnt DICOM Viewer and Medicai DICOM Viewer. Additionally, many cloud PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) platforms offer built-in DICOM viewing capabilities, allowing users to access and review medical images directly from their web browsers.

These platforms often integrate seamlessly with other medical software solutions, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for image management, analysis, and reporting. Whether through standalone DICOM viewers or integrated cloud PACS systems, free DICOM viewing options facilitate efficient and accessible medical image visualization for healthcare providers and patients.

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