Boehringer Ingelheim Case Study: Reducing diagnosis time for patients with rare diseases

Learn how Boehringer Ingelheim and pulmonology experts from major centers of excellence reduced the time it took to be diagnosed with IPF by 65%.

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Our Impact


faster diagnosis times for IPF Patients


more patients diagnosed with IPF


diagnostic boards organized online, with Medicai, in 2021

“We used to meet regularly, every 2-3 weeks, together with other colleagues that deal with cases of diffuse interstitial pneumonia, in the amphitheater. At these meetings, we would present the patient cases and discuss them. Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel these meetings. Medicai offered us the alternative to hold these meetings online. Within the platform, we also have access to medical imaging investigations. Recently, Medicai added the option to sign documents online. So, for each case, a joint decision is taken in the multidisciplinary commission. This decision is included in a diagnosis document that is signed electronically by all participants."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irina Strâmbu — Primary Care Pulmonologist, Expert Pulmonologist with IPF/ILDs

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