What is Medicai's Mammography Imaging Exchange?

Medicai Mammography Imaging Exchange system is a specialized software solution designed to facilitate the seamless exchange of mammography images and related patient data between different healthcare organizations, including hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics. It allows healthcare providers to easily and securely share mammography images and data with other healthcare providers involved in the patient's care, regardless of the location. This helps to improve patient outcomes, streamline the diagnosis process, and enhance collaboration among healthcare providers.

What are the key features of our Mammography Imaging Exchange?

Secure image exchange:

The system has robust security measures in place to ensure that patient data and images are exchanged securely, in compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

Integration with PACS:

The system can integrate seamlessly with existing Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) to enable the exchange of mammography images.

Universal viewer:

The universal viewer that supports DICOM and non-DICOM image types allows users to view mammography images from any web-enabled device, such as a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Workflow optimization:

The imaging exchange system streamlines workflows by reducing manual data entry, automating tasks, and providing access to patient data and images in real-time, from any location.


Improved collaboration:

The system allows healthcare providers to easily share mammography images and patient data with other healthcare providers, facilitating improved collaboration and more informed clinical decision-making.

Increased efficiency:

The system streamlines workflows by reducing manual data entry and automating image exchange processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced turnaround times.

Improved patient outcomes:

Faster and more accurate exchange of mammography images and data leads to improved patient outcomes, especially in cases where timely diagnosis and treatment are critical.

Cost savings:

By reducing the need for duplicate mammography imaging tests, the system can help reduce costs associated with unnecessary testing and improve resource utilization.

How does a Mammography Imaging Exchange work?

Medicai Mammography Imaging Exchange system enables healthcare providers to securely exchange mammography images and patient data with other providers, regardless of the systems they use. The exchange typically involves the following steps:

Image acquisition:

A patient undergoes a mammography exam, and the images are captured and stored in the imaging system.

Image sharing:

The healthcare provider can share the mammography images and relevant patient data with other providers, such as specialists or radiologists, using the imaging exchange system.

Image viewing:

The recipients can view the images and data using a universal viewer or their own imaging systems, depending on the type of exchange being used.

Image analysis:

The recipients can analyze the images and provide their interpretation, which can be added to the patient's medical record.

Image retrieval:

The healthcare provider can retrieve the images and related data from the exchange system, either for future reference or for sharing with other providers as needed.

Why choose Medicai's Mammography Imaging Exchange?

Medicai's Mammography Imaging Exchange offers a reliable, secure, and efficient solution for healthcare providers who need to exchange mammography images and patient data.

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