Integrated DICOM Viewer Sample

This is a sample of how a DICOM file looks like when viewed in Medicai. Available in both our web and mobile apps, and also easily embedabble in your own solution, our DICOM viewer solution comes connected to a cloud PACS readily available.

What is Medicai's Unified Index?

Medicai Unified Index is a centralized database that allows healthcare organizations to index and search all of their medical imaging data from a single location. The unified index solution is designed to simplify the process of accessing and managing medical imaging data, giving healthcare professionals a comprehensive view of their patient data.

Streamlined, unified access

Our unified index solution provides healthcare professionals with a streamlined way to access and manage medical imaging data, eliminating the need to search for information in multiple locations.

Improved data accuracy

With our unified index, medical imaging software can eliminate redundant or inconsistent data, ensuring that the information used for analysis is accurate and reliable. This can enhance the accuracy of diagnoses and improve patient outcomes.

Efficient workflow

Our unified index solution streamlines workflow, reducing the time and effort required to manage and access medical imaging data.

Enhanced Collaboration

Our unified index can facilitate collaboration between healthcare professionals by providing a common platform to share and access imaging data. This can help to improve communication and coordination, which is critical in delivering high-quality patient care.

How does it work?

Our unified index allows healthcare organizations to index and search all of their medical imaging data from a single location. The unified index solution collects and organizes medical imaging data from various sources, such as PACS, EHR, and other imaging systems, and makes it available for searching and viewing through a unified interface.

Healthcare professionals can search for medical imaging data using a variety of criteria, such as patient name, exam type, and date range. The unified index solution also includes tools for viewing and analyzing medical imaging data, making it easy for healthcare professionals to interpret and use the information to deliver high-quality patient care.

Why choose Medicai's Unified Index?

Our medical imaging software unified index provides healthcare organizations with a streamlined and efficient way to access and manage their medical imaging data. With features and tools specifically tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, our unified index solution can improve efficiency, collaboration, and communication between healthcare providers.

We offer comprehensive support and training to ensure that our unified index solution is easy to use and accessible for all healthcare professionals. Our platform is also scalable, meaning that it can grow and evolve with your healthcare organization's needs.

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