Medical Imaging Infrastructure

Easily manage, scale and share medical imaging data

We offer organizations a simple building block (a “node”) that connects to their imaging servers. Nodes index the servers and create a map of all the data and a layer that connects to the cloud. This layer enables organizations to build workflows that include: data marketplaces, AI training and deployment, digital health workflows and more.

Join leading organizations that leverage Medicai’s infrastructure to sustain complex medical imaging workflows, without disrupting the architecture in place.


Easily integrate with other hospital systems and PACS from different vendors. Exchange data freely to improve triage, clinical decision time and eliminate patient experience subpar. Scale up your organization by adding new locations and imaging servers: Medicai’s infrastructure elastically grows as datasets get larger.


You can now access data from anywhere: Medicai imaging infrastructure allows for granular access to studies, no matter the location, 24/7, 365 days a year. No more siloed and locked data - share images, read remotely, access prior exams or studies and create new digital pathways for patients.

Storage capabilities

Forget about new hardware investments and periodical maintenance: our secure cloud provides archiving and backup automatically, delivering a powerful foundation to strengthen development plans.

Security of data

Medicai is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. We ensure multiple safeguards to protect sensitive personal and health information. Medicai secures existing legacy systems (often unsecured systems without authenticated, granular access to data). These systems also become compliant (GDPR, HIPAA), thanks to the smart layer added by Medicai.

Cost savings

Our cloud based solution allows healthcare organizations to lease storage space instead of investing in owned servers, thereby significantly lowering hardware costs related server maintenance, electricity and hiring IT staff to maintain physical servers.

AI integrations

Layer AI on top of your systems to support clinical decisions, for patient treatment and operational efficiency. Medicai infrastructure allows integration of advanced solutions such as specialized AI algorithms in a secure way, with precise access to data.

Mircea Popa CEO Medicai Limitless Medical Imaging Infrastructure and Cloud PACS
At Medicai, we’re striving to make fast, secure and reliable access to imaging data a reality. Together, we enable a more connected healthcare industry, for improved clinical team efficiency and elevated patient outcomes.

Mircea Popa

Co-Founder & CEO @ Medicai

Medicai Archive

Safeguard your DICOM data through secure cloud storage

The Medicai Archive provides an inexpensive and flexible way to store all images in one place and access them easily.

Storage Benefits

Connect and sync all your PACS/VNA with the Medicai Archive

Leverages cold storage tiers - decrease cost by up to 70%

Compatible with public cloud providers

Cloud-native and scalable solution

Smart information lifecycle management - retrieve data to local PACS automatically

Reduce pressure on PACS by moving data dynamically

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Medicai Archive acts as a backup but has a 30 day data buffer ready in hot storage

In case of incident you can spin an "Instant cloud PACS" and connect your modalities. Resume operations in a 24-48h window!

Server room of Medicai Cloud platform

Web & Mobile Apps

Access, view and share your medical imaging records from anywhere in the world

Medicai's web and mobile apps provide secure, compliant access to medical imaging data for patients, clinical teams, and referring doctors. Patients access their own data and share it with others, while clinical teams use the apps to coordinate around patient care. Radiology centres use the apps to send imaging data to referring doctors in a secure, compliant manner. All data is stored safely and is accessible in a fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant way.

Access imaging data securely, both from your existing location and remotely, via web or mobile app

Medicai Web and Mobile apps for clinical teams allow them to coordinate around patient’s diagnosing, treatment and monitoring by having immediate access to the patient’s imaging data, whenever needed. 



Granular, secure access to the imaging generated in any location, regardless of where it is stored.

Visualize Imaging Studies

View medical imaging, regardless of its type (RX, CT, MRI, CBCT, angiography, etc.), through the DICOM viewer directly in the apps (web or mobile)


Collaboration with team members and referring doctors around patient data (case management, case collaboration). Medicai apps have chat, messages, notifications, emails.


Online multidisciplinary commissions organised directly within the platform.

GDPR & HIPAA compliant messaging and notification system

Integration with PACS and other healthcare systems.

Medicai Mobile App Screenshot Medical Imaging Infrastructure Radiology
Secure Imaging Data Sharing for Referring Doctors

Medicai Web and Mobile Apps for Referring Doctors allows radiology centers to automatically send imaging data to referring doctors in a secure, compliant way. Referring doctors can access the data received through the Medicai applications (web and mobile) in a fully secure and compliant way (GDPR, HIPAA).


Data Access & Security

Granular access to generated imagery at any location, regardless of where it is stored

Visualize Imaging Studies

View medical imaging, regardless of its type (RX, CT, MRI, CBCT, angiography, etc.), through the DICOM viewer directly in the apps (web or mobile)


Referrers collaborate with the members of your clinic team, for clarifications directly in the Medicai platform, through the chat functionality in the application.

Patient Archive

Create a medical imaging database of patients at no additional cost to doctors

Chat & Notification System

PACS & CRM Integration

Medicai Mobile App iOS Android Screenshot for doctors and radiologists
Access, view and share your medical imaging records from anywhere in the world

With the help of Medicai’s web and mobile apps, patients have secure access, from anywhere, to their medical imaging generated in a clinic or hospital. Patients can also share their imaging with other doctors or other organizations. Their data is safely stored and can be accessed in a fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant way.


Profile and Patient History

Imaging (DICOM) and interpretation archive



Doctor viewing MRI CT with Medicai's zero footprint DICOM Viewer

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