Image Data Management

We provide our customers with bi-directional nodes that connect to their imaging servers, index the data, and send it to our cloud. Our cloud enables efficient data transfer between nodes and provides unified access to imaging data (single source of truth) in a scalable, secure, and compliant (HIPAA, GDPR) way.

On top of our cloud infrastructure, we build web and mobile applications for doctors and patients to access and view their imaging, share it, organize online tumor boards, or evaluate patients remotely. Users can build customizable workflows, easily integrate new locations and securely transfer and manage imaging data, in a decentralized way.

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Doctor viewing MRI CT with Medicai's zero footprint DICOM Viewer


DICOM Viewer

With the online DICOM viewer, doctors can view imaging investigations in their Medicai account, directly from their web browser, or mobile app.

Medicai provides secure access to any study (DICOM, Video, Digital Pathology, Visible Light files format), in a HIPAA and GDPR- compliant way, from mobile or desktop.


Cloud Archiving

Through the storing and archiving component, providers can easily safeguard their imaging data, dropping archiving costs by up to 70%. The in-cloud archive is vendor agnostic and compatible with your current systems, does not disrupt current workflows and supports automations to retrieve data when needed.

Our cloud archive can seamlessly list, send and retrieve studies from the archive via any DICOM-compatible device (PACS, workstation, viewer, etc), and back up your data from multiple locations, acting as an end-to-end encrypted and secure channel to your PACS. It provides immediate disaster recovery and in case of an incident, it can connect modalities to the archive through a "Medicai Instant PACS" and resume operations instantly.

Server room of Medicai Cloud platform
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Clinical Collaboration

Medicai enables seamless collaboration with team members and referring doctors around patient data (case management, case collaboration). Medicai web and mobile apps offer chat functionalities, messaging, notifications, and emails.

Through Medicai, doctors can also organize online multidisciplinary commissions or tumor boards. With Medicai, all these imaging data workflows are created and maintained taking into account the highest security standards and complying with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.


Data Marketplace

Advances in the medical field are possible with structured, fast, and secure access to large volumes of data. With Medicai, you can share medical data securely, with well-defined access (users, duration). In addition, data can be anonymized directly within the platform through our AI anonymization algorithms.

Medicai enables R&D initiatives like clinical trials, radiology AI algorithm development, and pharmaceutical product development.

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Silicon board circuits


AI Integration

With the help of Medicai, your infrastructure is prepared to benefit from the next wave of technological innovation in healthcare. Modern clinics and hospitals like the ones you manage can prepare for an AI-enabled future with an open, integrable, modern infrastructure built on a solid, secure foundation, complying with industry legislation (GDPR, HIPAA).

The Medicai infrastructure allows real-time integration of advanced solutions such as specialized AI algorithms, at a centralized level (into the Medicai infrastructure). The results of the algorithms are sent to local nodes or referring doctors or patients. Multiple AI algorithms are orchestrated securely with precise access to data. Algorithms can run once, or continuously, automatically, for certain types of imaging studies.

Medicai's infrastructure also allows modern techniques for developing and running AI algorithms such as federated learning.

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