How can I invite other colleague doctors to a case

Medicai is about collaboration, working together with doctors from all over the world. Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to invite doctors on a case, no matter if they have a Medicai account or not.

First, the invite doctors button can be found in the top-bar or in the detailed case as Manage doctors.

How to invite?

In the manage doctors modal, there is a search field where you can type in the name or the email address of the person whom you want to invite.

If they have a Medicai account

Type in the doctor’s name and as you write the name, you will receive name suggestions to help you recognise faster the doctor’s account whom you want to invite.

Because they already have an account, they will receive an email and in-app notification saying that they have been invited to that case by you.

If they do not have a Medicai account

Write their email address and click on the “Invite” button.

They will receive an email notification letting them know that you invited them to a case in the medical imaging platform, Medicai, and to access it, they need to create first an account.

Can I send multiple invitations at once?

Yes. No matter, if they have an account or not, you can invite how many doctors you want on a case, therefore in the Medicai platform.

All you have to do is to add more email addresses separated by a semicolon.

Can I remove a doctor from a case after they were invited?

Of course. In the manage doctors modal you can see at the top all the doctors whom you invited and who have access to the case.

You can see your account as the owner and all the others invites. You just have to click on the “Remove” from the doctor’s name which you do no longer want in the case.

Can I cancel an email invitation?

Yes, as long as the invitation is pending and, therefore, the doctor did not create a Medicai account.