What is the doctor’s public page and how can patients send me investigations

Patients can send you imaging investigations and medical documents through your public page or from their own account, by selecting the files from their account and adding your email address.

You can access your public page from your profile page or from  the top-bar.

What is a public page?

A public page, as its name says, it is a unique and individual page, generated especially for you.

You can use it in two ways:

1. Copy the link and send it to your patients or doctor colleagues through other social media and communication channels.

2. Send the link by email from Medicai through the email modal. Press the button “Send link” and, in the email field, write your recipient’s email address. They will receive an email with your personalized link, in an instant.

What does reset means?

To reset your public page link, click on the button “Reset”. This means that your old link will not be working anymore, and a new one will be generated.

Let’s say, you end up receiving investigations from a person that you no longer want to receive, you cannot help her or you do not have the time anymore to take new cases, you have the option of invalidating the old link.

Therefore, the persons who had access to the old link cannot use it anymore. They will see a message when accessing the old link saying that the link is no longer available.

You can decide with whom to share the new link and manage your own workflow with your personalized link.

What happens after I send the link?

If you sent the link by email, that person, let’s say, your patient or another doctor will receive an email notification saying that they received a personalized link from you to send their investigations and medical files.

If you sent your personalized link via other communication channels, they only have to click on it.

The link will open a new page containing an upload form with your personal details at the top of the page.

Every time a person uses your personalized link to send you investigations, you will receive an email notification.

You will get to see these investigations as a request if you go to the menu and open the Requests page.

How many investigations and files they can send me?

In the upload form, they can upload multiple files.

Can the same link be used twice?

Of course. As long as the link is available, it can be used as many times as it is needed. If you did not reset the link, everyone can use your public page to send you investigations and medical files, more than once. The link is available until you reset it.