What is a workspace

A workspace is a space of yours, personal, where you can add cases and upload investigations. They might belong to an organization or to you, for your personal interest.

The workspace helps you manage your workload. Now you can keep your work private and distinct from a clinic or other institution.

When you change a workspace you will access only the information related to that workspace: cases, patients, requests.

Personal space

When you create a doctor account, automatically you will receive a personal space. All the cases you create and the investigations you upload for personal interest, they will be found here.

How do I know in which workspace I’m in?

In the menu, the first icon is either an avatar or a personal picture, if you added in your profile.
The menu will collapse and you will notice the name written below the icon, Personal space.

If you have already created more organizations or you have been invited as a member of another organization, you will be able to see them if you click on My space.

Every workspace shows:
1. The organization’s name
2. An icon with a profile picture

We recommend you to add a picture for each workspace to be able to recognize faster which workspace you’ve selected.