How to manage your medical documents in your account

A medical document can be any type of file with medical value, be it a blood analysis result, or something else.

You can upload various types of files to Medicai, such as PNG, PDF, Jpeg, DOC, DOCX.

When you log in for the first time in Medicai, you will be redirected to an empty page called Investigations.

And every time you log in, this page will always open first.

To go to the documents page, click on the left menu on Documents. As you can notice, in the menu are two pages in total: Investigations and Documents gathered under the collection Archive.

How do I add a document?

Click on the green button Add new document from the top right of the page Medical documents.

In the pop-up window from your computer select the file you want to upload. Depending on your internet connection and your file size, you might wait a while.

What can I do with the archived documents?

1. View

Click on the green button View from each document row. It will open a window where you can preview your file.

If you don’t want to see the document anymore and practically close that window, click on the text button Close from the top right.

2. Download

If you want to download the document, click on the button Download from the dropdown list next to the View button.

You will notice a notification in the bottom right of the page which tells you the download process started. Once the download finished, you can see your file on the bottom page of your browser or directly on your computer.

3. Delete

You can delete a document by choosing from the same dropdown listing, Delete.

You need to confirm the action in the pop-up window by choosing one of the buttons Yes, delete, No, cancel according to what you want to do.