How to manage your imaging investigations from your account

How do I add a new investigation?

1. Click on the button Upload investigations to the archive from the right side of the page in the All investigations page. This button will open up a new file selection window.

2. Read the research agreement about how Medicai does research and handles the medical investigations, all by complying to GDPR guidelines and HIPAA act.

3. Decide which investigations you want to upload and select the entire folder or the DICOM files. You can also select the entire CD, and we will extract only the file types custom for medical imaging.

If you want to know how to create a case with an investigation from the All investigations page, read this article.

How do I view an investigation?

On the All investigations  page, click on the dropdown next to Create case button. Or click on the investigation image. This will open on the same page, the DICOM viewer.

How do I delete an investigation?

From the Patient’s page, go to the dropdown button by clicking on the white arrow. Choose from the listing, Delete.

How do I download an investigation?

From the same dropdown listing, click on Download DICOM.