How to manage my investigations

An investigation is medical imaging such as CTs, MRIs, PET-CTs.

When you log in for the first time in Medicai, you will see the home page empty. In the top bar, you have access to Home and Personal archive page.

How can I upload investigations?

Click on the green button Add files to archive. Then, you  select the file you want to upload from your computer or CD, only by selecting the folder. Medicai uploads the right imaging files.

What can I do with the investigations?

1. View

Click on the eye icon from each file. It will open in the same page, a DICOM viewer.

2. Download

If you need to download the investigation, click on the button Download. You can find it in the dropdown button next to share icon.

The investigation will be saved on your computer as an archive file with the extension .zip. The archiving and downloading process might take a while, depending on the file size and your internet speed connection.

You will notice a notification in the bottom right of the page which tells you when the archiving and downloading process starts. When the process finishes successfully, you will be able to see the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) or directly on your computer.

3. Delete

You can delete anytime you want an investigation by clicking the Delete button from the same dropdown.

A confirmation window will appear. You can confirm the action to delete the investigation by clicking the red button, Yes, delete. Or cancel the action by clicking on the button, No, cancel.

4. Send to doctor

You can send the investigation to a doctor, directly from Medicai. Just click on the share icon or Request consultation button.

Add their email address in the pop-up window. If you don't know where to send and you need a specialist, send to Medicai and we'll make sure that your request reaches the right doctor for you.

If you want to send more investigations at once, you just have to select multiple investigations by clicking on the grey checkboxes. The checkboxes will turn green once the selection is made.

Then click Request consultation from the bottom of the page.

5. Search an investigation

You can search for an investigation in the Search field from below the page’s title.

If the searched word is not found, a no results found message will be displayed. Click on the complete list to return to the investigations page. Or click on x from inside the field to cancel the search.