How do I cancel my paid subscription?

You can cancel/terminate your purchased subscription at any time, in which case you have two options: either keep the canceled/terminated subscription until the end of the current period (the period for which you paid the canceled/terminated subscription) or change your subscription canceled/terminated with another subscription, in which case you will also benefit from the credit remaining from the remaining active period (eg: if you still have 5 days from the canceled/terminated subscription and you want to buy another subscription, we will take into account the 5 days remaining from the canceled/terminated subscription and we will deduct the credit related to the 5 days, already paid by you, from the total price of the new subscription).

If you have configured the recurring payment for the monthly subscription you want to cancel/stop, please cancel it from your account on the site ( However, if you forgot, and the automatic payment was made after the cancellation/termination of the subscription, we will be able to refund your money. Read more about refund requests.