How do I ask my patients to pay for a consultation

To request payments, you will need to have an approved payment profile. If you already have one, you can go to the “How do I request payments?” from below.

Payment profile

1. Fill in the Payment Profile from the personal profile page where your bank details can be found. Your account will be sent to moderation every time you make changes to it, during which time you will not be able to make payment requests.

Add general information about the company and the address of the registered office. For example, company name, CUI, no. registration at the trade register, bank account, representative’s name, and others. You can only ask your patients to pay if you have completed the payment profile and it has been approved. Don’t forget to click the Save button after you have added all the information.

2. It is also necessary to upload a medical document attesting to your profession that will be approved by the Medicai.

How do I request payments?

1. To request payments, open the case and select the tab “Your payments”.

Be careful, you can request a payment from another workspace (clinic, hospital) besides the personal one, only if you created that case and/or you are the administrator of the organization.

2. Click on the button “Request payments” above the table on the right.

3. Fill in the payment form with the necessary details: the amount requested, the patient’s email address when the case is not created by them, the optional message for the patient. Also, here will be displayed the 20% Medicai commission.

Where do I see what payments I requested?

You can see your payments in two ways:

  1. Directly in the case in the Your payments tab – where only the payments related to that case will be displayed.
  2. On the Payments menu, where you can view all payments.

After I requested a payment

Requesting a payment will go through several statuses.

  • pending – payment has been requested but has not yet been made by the patient or rejected
  • canceled – as a doctor, you canceled the payment request
  • initiated – the patient accessed the MobilPlay page by pressing the “Secure payment” button
  • rejected – the patient rejected the request for payment
  • in processing – the payment has been made and is in the process of confirmation
  • completed – the patient has completed the payment
  • reimbursement – the amount was refunded to the patient

Will I receive notifications?

You will be notified both by email and on the doctor’s platform when the patient has made a payment or rejected a request when your payment profile has been approved or rejected.