How can I manage my patients inside Medicai

In this article, we will explore the All investigations page, a page where you can access all the investigations from your workspace.

How can I add an imaging investigation?

Just click on the button “Upload investigations to the archive”. You can add investigations from your computer or other external devices, such as CDs.

When the upload is finished, you can choose to create a case or just save it on the All investigations page.

Turn an investigation into a case

You can turn an investigation into a case if you want to keep it under observation for a longer period of time or you need to ask other doctor’s opinions. All you have to do is to select a study, or more, and click on the “Create case” button from the top of the table, or from the dropdown button.

What else can I do on the All investigations page?

You can view the investigation in our DICOM viewer.

Or  download the investigation by clicking on Download DICOM.

Or delete the investigation.

Not last, search. In time, you will end up with pages of patients. A feature that allows you to search by name and social security number will help you find the patient you are looking for in no time.