How can I create a doctor account

Here are three ways to access the registration page:

1. On the platform’s home page, navigate to Medicai Doctor’s page that can be accessed from the menu and click on the button Create a doctor account.

2. Click on My account in the top bar from the Medicai’s Home page. You will be redirected to the Login page. There, click on the text button Create an account next to the login button.

3. Or simply access the registration page, Click on I'm a doctor and fill out your personal information.

Make sure your contact information is correct. Also, we recommend using a strong password.

Click Create account to finish!

When you create a Medicai account, you agree to consent to our Terms &Conditions. To maintain good standing for your account, it’s important that you remain in compliance with these policies.


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I already have an account. How can I create a new one?

You can create a new account only by using a different email address.

I have a doctor’s account. Can I create a patient one?

A doctor’s account is associated with only one email address. A patient’s account can be created by using a different email address.

Can more doctors use the same email address?

An account is associated with only one email address. If you want to share investigations with multiple doctors you can send an invitation that will make a case visible to anyone with a different account.

Who can see my contact information?

We ensure data security & privacy for you and your patients. Only you can see your contact information. The only thing visible to other doctors will be your name and profile photo.

How can I create an account if I have received an invitation?

You will receive an email as soon as a doctor will send you an invitation. The email will contain information regarding who sent the invitation and also a link that will take you directly to the Create account form.