With Medicai you can

Find doctors and clinics online

Whether you want a first or a second opinion

Request for consultations

Contact doctor and clinics from all over the world

Send imaging and medical filest faster

Whether you want a first or a second opinion

Create a secure digital archive

Keep your medical files safe in one place

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Find your doctor in a second

With Medicai public community you can browse for doctors and clinics from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a chronic patient or have only acute pain, you want  a first or a  second opinion, with Medicai you can reach doctors faster.

You  save time and you no longer have to carry in your bag CDs or other medical files.

Request an online consultation

Medicai offers you three ways for reaching a doctor or clinic.

Find doctors and clinics

After you decide upon a doctor or clinic in the public community page, you can ask them directly for a consultation.

Request consultation
Personalized link

Ask your doctor or clinic if they have a personalized link in Medicai to access the uploader page.

Medicai account

From your Medicai account, you can make requests faster  anytime you want to reach a doctor or a clinic.

cREATE a free account

Send medical files safe and fast

With Medicai uploader page you can send imaging (CT, MRI, PEt-CT) and medical files (DOC, PDF, Jpeg, Png, video) to anyone, regardless of the file size.

The uploader page can be access from the public community, from your doctor and clinic if they have a personalized link or from your Medicai account.

You just have to select the folder where you keep the documents from your computer  or CD and we extract the imaging files.  You don't have to worry anymore about formats and viewer  programs.

Your files arrive instantly.

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Keep all your medical files in one place

Stop losing CDs or relevant medical documents and create a secure archive in one place and with immediate access. Only you control who you give access to the files.

You can send files from your archive more easily, just enter an email address or the name of the recipient.
And you will soon be able to communicate with the doctor directly in your account